We Are Sorry, We Are Ready To Work With Philippines-EU Parliament

Europe–European Parliament led by Parliament’s speaker Antonio Tajani now want Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte forgive the whole house for misleading the public and international communities.

Speaking on Monday morning, Antonio told the media that his chamber was politically misled and now the parliament wishes to withdraw its earlier accusations against Duterte’s administration and seek forgiveness from the people of Philippines.

“We have noted with alot of concerns that several quarters have anonymously misled this honorable house for the last three months. We have realized it is not Duterte’s administration that is violating humans rights but drugs cartels who are committed in ruing the future of the young generation. We have wrote to Philippines Government seeking her apology and asked the President to forgive this house. We know Duterte will not disappoint us he will accept our quest for a bilateral talks.” said Antonio.

The European Parliament had on March called on the E.U. to support “an independent international investigation into unlawful killings and other violations by the Philippines” in the context of Duterte’s war on drugs.